Guide to Fall Outdoor Entertaining: Part 2


As Southerners, etiquette as both a host and a guest is always a priority, so it’s prudent to consider new customs that have arisen during this time of uncertainty. The top piece of advice was unanimous: keep the lines of communication open. “It’s nice to set expectations in advance,” Greg says. “Everyone has a different opinion and comfort level, but you don’t want to surprise people at the door one way or another.” Emily says you should be sure to let guests know what precautions you are taking before the event, so they can decide if they feel comfortable coming. 

“We believe the more transparent the host is with the actual invite, the better the party will be,” Stacy says. She recommends tactfully outlining the location, number of people invited, instructions for entering, and other pertinent details, such as whether you’ll require masks or make them available.

Southern Lady Classics Autumn 2019 Issue PreviewStacy suggests thoughtful wording along these lines: “‘Please join us and six of our neighbors for a casual and intimate alfresco evening. Feel free to park in the driveway and meet us around back.’ Being clear upfront helps alleviate any concerns. This provides for relaxed company, which is an important prerequisite for any party,” she says.