Guide to Fall Outdoor Entertaining: Part 2


While these added precautions are necessary, it’s equally important to ensure that they don’t dampen the mood or hinder guests from enjoying themselves. Have fun with them! Many of these considerations actually present hosts with extra opportunities to incorporate special inclusions to make guests feel all the more welcome.

Emily and Greg agree that masks and mini hand sanitizer bottles are the perfect choices for party favors. You can have them custom-made for your event or include tags with catchy phrases like “Spread Love Not Germs.” Emily recommends passing out cold Purell towels for an elevated touch. “Anything you can do to let your guests know you care about their safety will go a long way,” she says.

Greg also suggests finding gracious ways to remind guests to social distance. “Creative signs and posters with a bit of humor around the party area will help, so you can enjoy the party as the host without having to enforce the rules,” he says.  

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