Ann Dorer Essay Series: Heirloom Napkins Made Into Elegant Pillows

Watercolor illustration of a vanity tray

As I was looking through my linen closet not long ago, I happened upon a dozen of my mother’s white damask napkins, clean, ironed, folded and ready for use—the way Mama always stored them. But they hadn’t been used in 20 years or more.

I spread open one napkin and ran my fingertips over it, feeling the softness of the well-worn fabric. I loved seeing how the light brought out the sheen of the napkin’s white-on-white pattern.      

What a shame these vintage treasures stayed hidden away.

Then it hit me. Wouldn’t they make pretty pillows! The fabric was already the perfect size; the edges were already hemmed. I knew I had to do this—the creativity that whirled in my mind would nag me until I did.

But I didn’t want to sew on the napkins my mother had kept so beautifully laundered. So I searched flea markets and antique malls diligently until I found a batch of vintage damask napkins at my favorite price: a dollar each.

At that price, some serious washing, spot cleaning, soaking, drying, and ironing were required, but I had to make these pillows.

So with a matching set of a dozen white damask napkins, two more that were larger and had a different pattern, and even a half dozen of light pink ones, I made a profusion of pretty pillows.

Now I just need my creative mind to figure out what to do with them all.

Photo of DIY pillows made from heirloom napkins
Notes from Ann on recreating her napkin pillows: Place wrong sides together of a matching pair of 18×18-inch damask napkins. Topstitch napkins together about 1 inch from the edge, leaving open most of one of the sides. Insert a 16×16-inch pillow form, and topstitch closed. (The sewing machine’s zipper foot attachment works well for topstitching the final side.)

Text by Ann Dorer
Illustration by Judy Jamieson

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