Holiday Homes: Christmas Candlelight Tour in Edenton, North Carolina

Holiday Homes
Living History
At the Skinner-Paxton House, part of the homeowner’s holiday routine includes filling garlands with cuttings from her large magnolia trees and decorating with fresh flowers. She especially loves amaryllis and decks the halls with plenty of potted bulbs; white star lilies create a stunning contrast against the red walls of the living room. Green apples, lemons, and Leyland cypress offer brilliant color and textural beauty as well as staying power.

Dressed in all its finery for Thanksgiving dinner, the Christmas Candlelight Tour, and other seasonal soirées, the home radiates a warm glow, echoed by twinkling lights and a roaring fire. “We sit there at night with the fireplace going and turn off the lights,” she says. “It just makes it so cozy.”