Holiday Poinsettias at Patterson Farm Market & Tours

Holiday Poinsettias at Patterson Farm Market & Tours
Photography courtesy of Patterson Farm Inc.

These days, the Pattersons devote five greenhouses to the poinsettias, producing about 15,000 per year. The family boasts an extensive variety of sizes and shades (from classic red to more unusual offerings like Marble, Jingle Bell, Monet, and Ice Punch), as well as custom wrapping with several foil and bow colors to choose from. Native to Mexico, the flowers only grow in the wild in a few parts of the U.S., so in North Carolina, the Pattersons plant cuttings. The process begins in August and comes to fruition just before Thanksgiving when they open their greenhouses for business.

For the Pattersons, growing poinsettias and other crops is about sharing the pride and joy the practice brings them. What started out as a humble cotton and tomato farm in 1919 has developed into a 1,500-acre operation yielding abundant plants and produce, including peppers, cucumbers, strawberries, pumpkins, and beyond. And though poinsettias aren’t their most lucrative product, Randall says, tradition keeps them growing the plants Christmas after Christmas. 

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