Hospitality Tray Ideas

Extend a gracious gesture.

What lies at the heart of Southern hospitality is genuine care for the comfort of others. This is never more necessary than when out-of-town or overnight guests stay at your home. If you want to make a lasting impression when company drops in, set a hospitality tray for bedside service as guests arrive. A pot of coffee, a sweet or savory treat, and fresh flowers offer visitors a sense of welcome, while affording them a bit of privacy as they settle in. Below, we offer two ways to create a hospitality tray of your own. 


RUBY RED: A simple tray of red roses cut from the garden provides the perfect finishing touch, and more subtly, is in tonal harmony with the color scheme of the bedroom. Add in your favorite silver pieces and monogrammed linens to personalize the look. 


RUSTIC REFINEMENT: Here is another tray that blends nicely with the color and decorative scheme of the guest room. The ivory china and coffee pot echo the pristine bed linens, while the gently worn wicker serving tray is in keeping with the cozy cottage appeal of the room’s furnishings. A simple lacy place mat is used to line the tray, which is set with the charming china, simple greenery, and an etched crystal vase.