An Art Collection Leads to a Huntsville Home Full of Layered Harmony

Layered HarmonyBeverly takes inspiration from the McDonalds’ eclectic collection of artwork for each update, infusing their interiors with a personal flair that reflects a laid-back lifestyle and affinity for art. “Instead of going in and doing it all at once, [the décor] has evolved over the years,” says Beverly.

Layered HarmonyWith three musically inclined sons, the McDonalds repurposed the dining area at the front of the primary residence—one of four rooms original to the 1885 home—into a music room. But other than adding built-in shelves and a snug window seat to the space, Beverly says, “We did what I call ‘cake and powder.’ They obviously liked the house and the plan, but we came in and started changing colors and fabrics.”