Ice Block Tutorial from Southern Gardens 2020

Ice Block Tutorial from Southern Gardens

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. To create a 2-inch block, start with two flat-bottomed circular containers (we used glass) varying in height; one should be 2 inches taller and 4 inches smaller in diameter than the other.
  2. Fill half of the larger diameter container with water, and then set the smaller one inside it, taping it at the top edges to secure it from bobbling.
  3. Slice citrus fruits, the more colorful the better, and select full leaves from herbs like mint and basil. Position the fruit and herbs in the water in the gap between the two containers, using long kitchen tongs to situate them so they will be visible through the ice.
  4. Carefully place the containers in the freezer until the water is completely frozen.
  5. Just before serving, put the fused containers in the sink for about 15 minutes; a slight melt will loosen the ice block, allowing for easier removal.
  6. Detach the inner container first, and then remove the outer, leaving only the formed ice block.
  7. Set the block on any type of waterproof high-lip dish to account for melting, and it’s ready to chill the bottled beverage of your choice. Once the bottle is in place, fill any remaining space with cubed ice for optimal cooling. Enjoy!

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