Intriguing Elegance in a Dining Room

Intriguing Elegance in a Dining RoomThey filled the room with a few prominent wood furnishings in varied rich tones, from a deep-hued sideboard with baroque trim to an oval dining table with a lighter stain and strong, modern lines. The Chippendale bamboo-style chairs were a favorite find, especially after they got new cut-velvet emerald cushions that enliven the tint of the walls.

Host chairs with a tailored linen slipcover and sleek sloped arms soften the space. “Dining rooms tend to have a lot of hard edges, so it’s nice to balance that with more texture,” Maggie says. To mellow the look further, Maggie selected a jute rug that stretches nearly wall-to-wall, making the room appear larger, and elongated linen draperies that harmonize with the host chairs.