Make a Framed Silverware Display

Turn a collection of vintage silver serving pieces into a modern framed silverware display.

Style Ideas

Great-grandmother’s monogrammed cake server. Aunt Elizabeth’s fancy pickle fork. A pair of pretty gravy ladles from the 1930s. Whether passed-down sterling silver family heirlooms, or some lovely items discovered at antiques shops or estate sales, this is the ideal way to show off your treasures. Gather up a random selection—pie servers, knives, sugar tongs, etc.—and create a creative display for your dining room.

Style Ideas 2

You can purchase premade shadow boxes at any arts-and-crafts store, simply cut fabric to fit inside each box as a backdrop, then hot glue it in to place. Arrange the pieces in a staggered pattern, and tack them to the fabric with needle and thread.

Add ribbon adornment, looping and tying it around each piece. The frames look right at home when hung over a sideboard or buffet.