The Meaning of a Southern Home

Dallas-PortraitElaine Williamson-Romero 

“Well-curated collections amassed from items gathered over time, family heirlooms, and a particular flair for the interesting—there are always interesting little pieces to be found around old Southern homes; knickknacks with incredible origin stories and historic photos are some of the best things about families with roots in the South.”




Southern Home -

Dallas-based interior designer Elaine Williamson-Romero used a family’s shared love of bold color to guide the aesthetic of this home. Having lived in New Orleans before coming to Dallas, Elaine was well acquainted with the decorative allure of bright hues. “It’s New Orleans, but not in the way you’d expect,” she says. “It’s loud and classic but lacks the French flair present in so many of the New Orleans–inspired homes we see these days. I’d almost call it ‘Nouveau Orleans.’ It’s fun, and it’s engaging, but you won’t see fleurs-de-lis all over the place.”

Souther Home -

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