Memories from Old Kentucky Home: Thomas Wolfe Memorial

The kitchen at the Thomas Wolfe Memorial was a hub of activity where deliveries were accepted and meals prepared for boarders each day.

About a year after his homecoming, 37-year-old Thomas died of tuberculosis.

The dining area (rebuilt after a fire in 1998) includes tables set with Limoges china, silverware, and linens that were typical department store staples for the time.

The boardinghouse memorial, like the novels, tells the story of what site director Tom describes as a “young man who, against great odds, wanted to become an artist. In order to do that, he had to escape his crazy family and the tumult of this house and get an education.” While Thomas did escape for a time, he learned later that you might indeed want to go home again.

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Text by Marie Baxley
Photography by William Dickey

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