Mother’s Day Reflections from The Staff of Southern Lady

After living near my family for most of my life, a few years ago, I started a new adventure across the country with my husband just a couple days after our wedding. Though it was an exciting and happy time, it was also an adjustment to be so far from loved ones.

My first Mother’s Day away came the week after our move, and it was bittersweet to be separated, but the next year, I was lucky enough to get my mom to myself—a Mother’s Day I’ll never forget. My husband and I were in the final stages of buying our first home when he had to leave town for work for a few weeks, so my mom volunteered to come visit and help me through the details with him gone. She made last-minute flight arrangements without giving thought to the holiday and just happened to arrive on Mother’s Day.

I welcomed her with a spread of her favorite appetizers and treats, roses, and a card. We got to take a nice afternoon stroll with my dog, her beloved grand-pup, and catch up while I showed her around my new town. We ended the evening with some Thai takeout and a movie. It was nothing fancy, but it was a day together made all the more special by its newfound rarity.