A Napkin Rosette How-To

Sometimes a table setting calls for an extra-special touch. You have the flowers arranged, the china selected, and the perfect flatware laid out, but you need something more—a napkin treatment to really draw together your design. Enter the rosette fold—the ideal accent when your décor calls for added feminine polish.

In our January/February issue, this napkin rosette paired beautifully with the pinks and purples of our Steel Magnolias party. Now you can create your own, with this easy-to-follow how-to.

napkin rosette
The picture-perfect accent from our Steel Magnolias celebration. Photography by Marcy Black Simpson. Styling by Tracey Runnion.


We have two different options, depending upon the style that best suits your table—one with leaves and one without.

Project photos by John O’Hagan
Project by Annalise DeVries.

Napkin Rosette How-to:

Option One – With Leaves:

Step One:
Carefully press your napkin of choice, and then lay it right side down on the table.

napkin rosette