New Looks for Old China: Spring Inspiration

New Looks for Old China
Do you have a set of 
china that you inherited 
from a dear relative or registered for years ago but never use because it seems passé? We consulted the experts at Replacements, Ltd., to find the most popular patterns, and then we picked our five favorites to showcase: Florentine Turquoise Fruit Center by Wedgwood, Chinese Bouquet Green by Herend, Desert Rose by Francisca, Weatherly by Lenox, and Whitehall Powder Turquoise by Wedgwood. We’ll show you how to update those pieces with a little mix-and-match magic.

New Looks for Old China

Treasured Gems New Looks for Old China

Whether it is passed down from family or is an older set of your own, resolve to view your heirloom china with a fresh perspective. A simple modern accent of agate napkin rings can instantly update patterns like Wedgwood’s Florentine.

Inspiration Plate: Florentine Turquoise Fruit Center; Wedgwood 

New Looks for Old China

For All Seasons New Looks for Old China

Chinese Bouquet by Herend, which was introduced in 1930 in raspberry, features a versatile motif that can be dressed up or down to suit a variety of occasions. Pair it with a gingham cloth, rattan mat, and basic glasses for spring and summer garden parties, then introduce jewel-toned linens, polished silver, and fine crystal for Thanksgiving and Christmas festivities.

Inspiration Plate: Chinese Bouquet Green; Herend 

New Looks for Old China
Oh-So Pretty 

Mix in au courant dinnerware and a geometric printed tablecloth for a new take on classics like Franciscan’s Desert Rose. A napkin tied in coordinating ribbon completes this delightfully feminine display.

Inspiration Plate: Desert Rose; Franciscan

New Looks for Old China
Simply Stylish New Looks for Old China

The choice of many couples for their wedding china, a plain silver and white pattern like Weatherly by Lenox makes it easy to introduce trendy motifs and seasonal color. A tone-on-tone scheme that’s rich in texture feels effortlessly chic and contemporary.

Inspiration Plate: Weatherly; Lenox

New Looks for Old China
Vintage Redux New Looks for Old China

A timeless gold border, such as the ivy motif of Wedgwood’s Whitehall Powder, takes on an avant-garde look when combined with an artistic metallic-glazed bowl. Choose linens in varied, interesting prints to add to the appeal.

Inspiration Plate: Whitehall Powder Turquoise; Wedgwood

Styling by Lucy Finney and Tracey MacMillan Runnion 

Photography by John O’Hagan

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