Our Sweet Basil Kitchen Cookbook Giveaway

Cross-Country Cuisine
Southern classics aren’t left behind, but many appear in refreshed forms perfect for summer—try a familiar favorite like 7-Layer Salad, or keep things minimal yet delightful with Dill Pea and Cucumber Salad or Watermelon Salad. “When those hot months hit, find one of the many recipes that uses garden or farmers’-market ingredients,” Carrian says. “Serve up simple dishes that scream summer, and really let those bright, seasonal ingredients speak for themselves.” 

 From the cookbook’s organization to its ingredients, simplicity is an ongoing theme, interspersed with helpful tips, tidbits about family traditions, and sweet anecdotes behind recipes. “These really aren’t just recipes for us,” Carrian says. “It’s our story. While times have changed and life is a little busier, Cade and I have discovered that people still have their major memories centered around food.

“We want husbands and wives to stand side by side and create something delicious together, but more importantly, to connect again. We want parents to put down their phones, to-do lists, and expectations, lift a little one up on the counter, and feel those heartstrings wrap around them. We want this cookbook to be about the hands that create the food more than the food itself.”

Published by Shadow Mountain, Our Sweet Basil Kitchen is available at booksellers nationwide and on amazon.comContinue reading for recipes on the following pages. Recipes reprinted from Our Sweet Basil Kitchen with permission from Shadow Mountain.

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