Three Pocket Napkin Fold Video How-To

pocket napkin fold - Southern Lady Magazine

Summer calls for outdoor entertaining. Keep your linens and flatware in place and spruce up your table by using a handy three pocket napkin fold to tuck your forks, knives, and spoons into individual pockets. 

Simply lay the napkin flat on the table, and fold it into quarters with the seams of the napkin facing out. Fold down the corner of the top layer diagonally to meet the bottom corner. Take the corner of the second layer, fold it down, and tuck the corner behind the first layer. Then fold down the corner of the third layer, and tuck the corner behind the second layer. Turn the folded napkin face down on the table, and fold in both the left and right sides. Finish by turning the napkin back over and placing a utensil in each of the three pockets.

We featured this napkin fold among our Entertaining Touches in our July/August issue. For more creative entertaining ideas and inspiring table settings, get your copy today! 

How will you entertain this summer? 

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