Porches & Pumpkins

A picture of pumpkins on porches

Pretty Perch

Try this layered look with a stack of pumpkins separated by “nests” of pine straw. Be sure to choose gourds that have relatively flat bottoms to keep things on an even keel. Also consider flanking the steps with assorted pumpkins and containers planted with bunches of mums.


The Softer Side

It’s hard to resist rockers, especially ones made extra comfy with pillows and woven throws. Play up the crisp porch trim with matching white pumpkins. A wreath  of mixed greenery underscores the relaxed, rural setting. 

A picture of pumpkins on porches

For a different take on autumn décor, use groupings of gourds in the same color family. Popular pumpkin picks include ‘Green Hubbard’, ‘Blue Max’, and ‘Silver Moon’. This focused monochromatic approach allows you to bring in subtle hues appropriate to the season that also complement your home’s exterior palette.

A picture of pumpkins on porches

Warm Welcome

Visitors may never get past the porch when the space is this inviting! Mix a dozen or so plump pumpkins with several baskets of fall flowers in a display that weaves its way up the steps.


Create a vignette on a small side table anchored by a grapevine wreath, and add a lightweight blanket and autumn-themed cushions to built-in benches. 

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