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There’s nothing like a towering layer cake, freshly baked pie, or platter of pretty cupcakes to put the exclamation point on the end of a meal or to signal that this is a very special celebration indeed. We’ve filled this issue with the sweetest Southern Lady favorites, from the Southern-classic Hummingbird Cake to filled Strawberry Cupcakes. Delight in details like a piled-high topping on our Chocolate Pomegranate Tartlets that feels like edible jewels, and how the addition of Amaretto Whipped Cream transforms childhood favorite Peach Pie into a treat to love all over again. Dazzle guests with show stopping desserts, or indulge in simple confections. And don’t miss our ideas for adding that extra-special flourish for picture-perfect cakes and pies that are almost too pretty to eat. Almost!