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Southern Heirloom Baking 2018


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The gentle tug of cookie dough beneath a rolling pin; the fragrance of spice-flecked apples as a pie slowly bakes; the sizzle of cornbread batter as it flows into a hot skillet…the traditions of Southern baking are a feast for both the senses and the soul. We savor heirloom loaves and classic desserts not only for their delicious flavors, but also for the love and fellowship they represent. For this special issue of Southern Lady, we reached back in our recipe boxes for the old-fashioned delectable that have graced our region’s tables for generations—from homespun cakes, pies, and cobblers to cookies, bars, and breads. Some are elegant, others humble, but all pay tribute to time-honored foodways. Whether you’re tempted by towering layer cakes like our cover-worthy Hummingbird Cake or prefer the savory simplicity of icebox rolls and yeast breads, we hope you’ll be inspired to get into the kitchen and keep the art of Southern baking alive in your own wonderful way.