Refreshing Sorbets

Nothing satisfies a sweet tooth quite like the refreshing taste of homemade sorbets.

A picture of citrus sorbets

One of the world’s first iced delights, these milk-free ice cream alternatives were originally used to cleanse the palate before dinner’s main course. Though still served the traditional way in select venues, sorbets now enjoy their place in the spotlight as a popular pick for the meal’s grand finale—and they’ve even been known to stand alone as a most pleasing midday snack.

These three recipes feature some of our favorite frozen flavors—a few spoonfuls of which we trust will provide deliciously icy indulgences on even the hottest of days. Dried lavender is the key to completing the divine flavor found in servings of Strawberry and Lavender Sorbet. The recipe for Citrus Sorbet includes juice from fresh lemons, limes, and oranges, but there’s no need to let the unused portions of those fruits go to waste. A thin slice of each—when given a little twist—makes a colorful and taste-tempting garnish. Finally, our Mint Sorbet is sure to be a refreshing treat on a warm day. Continue reading for the delicious recipes.