Renovation Diary: The House on Gates

5 Cruse Alley 

A New Chapter

Eventually my neighbor left Cruse Alley and so did I. I got married and moved with my husband to a house outside the historic district, and she moved into her mother’s house on Green Street. It was there, at her mother’s house, that I first really studied the house on Gates. It sat across the side street from her front porch.

310 Green Street

The House on Gates, a handsome Dutch Colonial, was solid white stucco with an asphalt-shingled roof had been put on in the 1920s, the last time the house had been completely remodeled. Over the years, the old-world red color of the roof shingles had faded to a luscious shade of silver-pink. The main body of the 1818 house had a gambrel roof that was put on during the renovation; the side wings, part of an 1834 addition, had a flat roof hidden behind a short parapet wall. Strong front columns stood about 12 feet tall and 24 inches round and had Doric-style capitals. The house had large hand-blown glass window panes, six over six, and a charming pergola off the side. I thought it was one of the best-looking houses in Twickenham.