Riverside Rhythm: Memphis, Tennessee

Hog & Hominy (left), Payne’s BBQ (right)

More than 40 local eateries take advantage of the city’s wonderful weather with outdoor patios beckoning guests to sit a spell and enjoy the scenery. To many Memphians, blues and barbecue go hand in hand. Once a three-bay garage, Payne’s BBQ offers taste bud tune-ups with their acclaimed chopped pork sandwiches, smothered in barbecue sauce and topped with slaw. Childhood friends Andrew Ticer and Michael Hudman are the masterminds behind Hog & Hominy, an upscale restaurant that serves a fusion of Italian and Southern cuisine, like Biscuit Gnocchi. 

Bounty on Broad Butcher and Restaurant (left), The Beauty Shop (right)

Visit Bounty on Broad Butcher and Restaurant for farm-to-table fare including creative combinations and scrumptious offerings like the signature Bounty Salad, with pickled farm eggs, red and green beets, slivered shallots, spiced pecans, feta cheese, and raspberry vinaigrette. The Beauty Shop, a former salon, includes a tantalizing menu that creatively blends island cuisine with Southern favorites.