The Seasoned Life Cookbook Giveaway

Seasoned Life Cookbook Giveaway
Ham and Cheese Waffles from Ayesha Curry’s The Seasoned Life cookbook

By Elizabeth Bonner Czapski
Photography by Caroline Egan Dahlberg

For Ayesha Curry, food has always been a way of life—from a culinary-themed birthday party at 13 to a cooking show inspired by the meals she prepares today for her two young daughters and basketball player husband, Stephen Curry. Backed by an eclectic family heritage and the delight she finds in keeping her loved ones well fed, Ayesha set out to share 100 of her favorite recipes with other families in The Seasoned Life.

“Cooking has always been something I’m passionate about,” Ayesha says. “And now it’s evolved into not only cooking for my family and friends, but being able to share my love for cooking with the world. To me, cooking is an expression of your love on a plate.”

Born in Canada, raised in North Carolina—where she and her husband met as teenagers at their church youth group—and currently bringing up her children in California, Ayesha draws recipe inspiration from her background. Her family ties include Jamaican, Chinese, Polish, and African-American roots. “These are recipes that are reminders of my youth and my culinary growth through the years,” she explains. “Dinnertime was always extremely diverse. My Grilled Spiced Chicken and Asparagus with Parsley Mint Sauce and Mama Alexander’s Brown Sugar Chicken are my favorites—and definitely household favorites.”

In addition to heirloom family fare, Ayesha incorporates many of her own innovative twists. The author says her recent experiences in California have influenced her inclination toward fresh, local ingredients, while her time in the South introduced her to some of the best comfort foods. Her Ham and Cheese Waffles are a play on traditional chicken and waffles; her Sweet and Savory Shrimp and Grits put a unique spin on the regional favorite; and The Best Mac and Cheese elevates the classic casserole with pancetta and breadcrumbs.