The Seasoned Life Cookbook Giveaway

Seasoned Life Cookbook Giveaway The Seasoned Life Cookbook Giveaway

From breakfast to dessert, the book is filled with dishes for every occasion, organized into creative chapters like “Cooking with the Littles” and “Game Day or Snack Time.” Recipes such as One-Hour Bread, Quick Jam, Mom’s Leftover Chicken Soup, and Stephen’s Five-Ingredient Pasta appeal to families busy with the hustle and bustle of early-fall activities, but also to those looking to make time for a quality meal.

Ayesha includes helpful tips, pairing ideas, and serving suggestions throughout, as well as a Kitchen Notebook with a list of “need to have” and “nice to have” items. Readers will also be intrigued by the chapter of concoctions for natural food-based scrubs, rubs, and oils. Family memories and traditions are woven in with recipes, along with pictures from the Currys’ lives and even Q&As with the girls and Stephen.

The author says her recipes are all about love. Her desire for the book is to help bring families together in the same way that cooking has always kept her family close. “With the book, I hope families will cook more together, and sit around the dinner table as they enjoy their [food]—that people use it as a vessel to make a wonderful meal,” she says.