See The South: The Power of Possibility in Tupelo

The birthplace of Elvis Presley, Tupelo, Mississippi’s culinary landscape is as varied as the unique sound Elvis created, melding gospel, country, and rhythm and blues to create rock ‘n roll. Just like the melodious tunes Elvis sang, dessert in Tupelo is as sweet as it gets.

Ask the hometown folks where to eat breakfast and they will direct you to Connie’s Fried Chicken. Here, the restaurant that has been around for nearly 40 years has perfected the blueberry donut. A deep-fried delicacy with a sugary glaze, these donuts have also found their way into one of the city’s most decadent desserts. Blue Canoe serves up Connie’s Blueberry Donut bread pudding at its eatery, renowned for their live music offerings and many beers on tap.

Baking in Tupelo is an art form. Simply Sweet by Margarete is a German-owned bake shop where old world breads and delectable cakes and pies are made fresh from scratch each day in their kitchen. If the bacon bread doesn’t stop you in your tracks, then be sure to peruse the cases containing assorted chocolates, homemade candies, and many other sweet creations.

With gourmet popsicles all the rage, Tupelo’s own Popsy peddles hand-crafted popsicles made with fresh fruits and certified naturally grown ingredients. Available at locations around town, these epicurean delights will both keep you cool and satisfy that sweet tooth.

In the South, food is less a means of nourishment than it is an integral thread in the DNA of what makes a southerner southern. The town that enabled Elvis to dream big still embodies that same contagious optimism that put him on a path to stardom, and today, it beckons visitors to come on in, have a bite to eat, and stay for a while.