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September Sunshine: Style with Sunflowers

Two weeks ago we featured flower arrangements inspired by one of September’s signature blooms, and this week we’re offering a few more creative ways to incorporate fall flora into your home. Celebrate incoming autumn with these do-it-yourself displays infused with hues of the harvest.

Branches & Blooms

A grapevine wreath festooned in fall flowers captures the striking shades of the season. Display on a door or high above the mantel, and carry it on through the holidays by simply swapping the blooms to fit the festivities.



Step 1. Using the wrapped floral wire, attach bittersweet branches to the grapevine wreath.

Step 2. Secure igloo cages to the wreath by placing wire through the small tabs on each side of the cage.

Step 3. Place croton leaves into igloo cages to form a base. (If needed, trim leaves near bottom to create a longer stem.) Add sunflowers to create a focal point, and then fill in with roses and spray roses.

Fireside Basket

Invite friends and family to gather ’round the hearth with a beautiful basket filled with autumn’s brightest blossoms.



Step 1. Line a wire basket with sheet moss. Position floral foam inside a dish or container that holds a generous amount of water, and place into the basket.

Step 2. Cut croton stems, and insert into floral foam along with the bunch of wheat. Insert picks into apples, and embed around lower outside edges of floral foam.

Step 3. Remove petals from sunflowers, and add stripped stems to basket. Fill in with remaining flowers.

Helpful Hint: If you have young children or have pets that tend to nibble on houseplants, you might want to substitute a different plant for the croton, which is considered toxic. An excellent choice would be ‘Alabama Sunset’ coleus or any other colorful fall foliage.

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