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Set to Serve: Starry Night

Pull out all the stops for a grand Oscar-viewing gala that exudes Old Hollywood glamour on the starry night.

Cinema Inspired
Roll out the red carpet to welcome a parade of special guests—Oscar night has arrived! Set a celebratory mood with a crisp black-and-white color scheme that evokes the golden age of cinema, as well as shimmering gilt notes in tribute to those iconic statuettes.

A luxurious bouquet of white roses, anemones, and tulips, plus a handful of vintage film reels sprinkled about, lends a dash of drama. The most classic of theater snacks, tops a silken Popcorn Soup that pairs beautifully with peach-and-raspberry-kissed Prosecco Sparklers.  

For the main course, what could be more on point than Steak Oscar, crowned with a duo of dill-flecked crab cakes and roasted shrimp?

And as the onscreen ceremony builds to its crescendo, a luscious Black Bottom Chocolate Tart—decked out with a billow of torched meringue and a dusting of edible gold—might well earn you Best Hostess honors.

Styling by  
Tracey MacMillan Runnion
Recipe Development and Food Styling by  Rebecca Treadwell Spradling
Photography by  Stephanie Melbourne Steele

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