Southern Lady Magazine

Seven Stylish Ways to Welcome Spring

As spring waltzes in on cheerful breezes, take cues from this delightful season, and step up your style with fresh decorating ideas for the front door and beyond.

Warm Welcome

Welcome guests with a ring of sunny forsythia. Start with a loosely shaped sunburst grapevine wreath, then trim the long branches of a forsythia bush, and weave through.

Blooming Bounty

Continue the floral fancy indoors with a lemony twist on a simple bouquet. Fill a small glass vase with water, and place in the center of a wider glass bowl or vase. Line the space between them with lemon slices. Arrange spring flowers inside the smaller vessel.

Making Scents

Create a decorative diffuser to fill your home with the inviting fragrance of a garden in bloom. Stretch a pretty piece of lace around the bottom of a glass bottle, and tape it in place. Spray the bottle with a silver mirror-like paint. When the lace is removed, a beautifully intricate design will remain. Fill the bottle with 1⁄4 cup almond oil and about 12 drops of your favorite essential oil. To diffuse the aroma, place reeds, skewers, or dried branches in the bottle.

Easy Elegance

Form a simply beautiful arrangement by tucking single blooms into an assortment of antique bottles. Antiques markets and vintage sales around the South are the perfect places to hunt for these stunning floral containers.

Sitting Pretty

A few flowers can instantly elevate the look of a simple side chair. Knot crocheted lace and wide ribbon together around the chair back, then place favorite blossoms—ferns, tulips, azaleas, and larkspur—on the knot. Tie the ends of the ribbons into a bow around the stems of the bouquet.

Mail Call

Use unexpected indoor elements and furnishings in your garden for a fun and fresh look. This antique mail cubby placed atop a potting bench serves as a clever storage container for scissors, twine, plant markers, and other garden goods.

Number Fun

Paint a pretty potted address sign for your front porch on several inexpensive terra-cotta planters. Use stencils and paint to mark the appropriate numbers on the pots. Allow the paint to dry thoroughly, then fill the planters with potting mix and bright annuals.

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