Signs of the Season: Summer Flowers

Cottontail Container

Cottontail Container
This adorable bunny planter embodies the lively flora and fauna of the season. Gentle ivy spills forth, creating movement, while delicate petals add color. Rich in vibrant pinks and saturated purples, this accent adds a dash of lighthearted charm to any veranda vignette.

Verdant View

Verdant View
A hedgerow of bountiful ferns provides a backdrop of greenery that is the ideal setting for a picturesque window-box display. This arrangement incorporates tall, eye-catching caladiums alongside blushing hues of cascading petunias. Prolific asparagus ferns complete the lush design.

Small Kettle Flowers

Small-Scale Charm
Set a sweet summer flower arrangement on your porch side table, and enjoy its charms while sipping a refreshing iced tea! For this look, drill several small holes in the base of a vintage teakettle, then spray-paint the kettle in a bright summer shade with a gloss finish. We filled ours with Proven Winners’ lobularia ‘Blushing Princess’ and a pink rex begonia.

Summer Window Box

Summer Glory
Alongside Old Glory, a window box with flowers in the white-to-red spectrum captures the spirit of freedom summer brings. The English Ivy Garland Swag by Troy Rhone ( is easy to make. Purchase a mature English Ivy vine from your local garden shop. Gently wrap the vine around copper wire. Drive screws into desired points for hanging, and tightly wrap the ends of the wire to secure. “I also hang these down retaining walls,” says Troy. “They lend elegance to any space.”

Shabby-Chic Fabric

Shabby-Chic Florals
Arrange pots in varying shapes and heights, and fill them with towering lavender, bunches of Osteospermum in ‘Soprano’ light purple, gorgeous blooms of pink hydrangea, trails of variegated ivy, and patches of fragrant oregano. Over time, these moss-infused terra-cotta pots by Campo de’ Fiori will develop a textured patina of vibrant mosses that evokes a sense of timeworn elegance.

Ombre Window Box

Ombré Arrangement
For a window box that feels effortless but makes a big impact, focus on a single bloom in your favorite hue. Our pretty petunias in shades of pink, graduated from light to dark, create a striking ombré effect. This stroke of color lends charm without distracting from interesting architectural details, such as this beautiful latticework wall.

photography by Mac Jamieson and Marcy Black Simpson