Simple Ways with Summer Blooms

Gather an armful of fragrant garden flowers for a seasonal display that whispers of easy warm-weather living.

Summer Blooms, wildflowers

Nature’s Rainbow

Arranged with a laidback, mix-and-match feel, this happy display lends maximum impact with minimal effort. Pluck an assortment of summer blooms in bright colors from your yard or garden (our medley includes safflower, delphiniums, feverfew, geraniums, yarrow, phlox, and hydrangea). Tuck them into a mason jar or other small jar for a casual finishing touch.

Summer Blooms, rose bouquet

Pure Delight

At once extravagant and simple, dramatic and demure, it’s no surprise that roses have been a favorite flower through the ages. Give each deliciously ruffled petal its due by mixing varieties, colors, and sizes—the subtle contrast between each bloom accentuates the layers of delicate texture. Place the display in a pitcher with sprigs of ivy and seeded eucalyptus for a polished, garden-fresh feel sure to brighten any spot in the house. 

Summer Blooms, lemon yellow bouquet

Lemon Twist

What could be brighter and cheerier than a citrus palette for summer? Create a casual display of garden roses, ranunculus, and other blossoms in sunny hues, complemented by fern fronds and Queen Anne’s Lace. An unassuming white vessel allows the flowers to take center stage.

Summer Blooms, bottled bouquets

Bottled Sunshine

Given summer’s easy attitude, there’s no need to spring for a fancy vase to create a beautiful arrangement. Search cabinets and closets for empty bottles. Fill them with water, and arrange a grouping on the table. Tie them with a pretty bow (you may wish to create your assembly atop a tray or cutting board for easier transport). Add an assortment of summer blooms in cheery colors, such as protea, dahlias, blue aster, and pink hydrangea. It’s an ideal accent for a variety of indoor and outdoor entertaining occasions.


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