Simply Southern: On The Road

Make your way along the picturesque Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay in southern Alabama, and you’re likely to come across Joanna Almond and her mobile shopping experience, The Wandering Lilly. Neatly arranged inside a refurbished bread truck, trendy apparel and unique jewelry await eager customers. Joanna’s unmistakable aquamarine truck wanders across several cities to serve modern shoppers in unexpected places, from hair salons and apartment complexes to local hospitals and special events.

Before the 2014 birth of her daughter, Lilly, the business’ namesake, Joanna dreamed of trading her full-time job for an entrepreneurial venture. With striking blue and gold paint on the outside and custom built-in hanging racks and vintage details on the inside, a delivery truck deemed passé blossomed into a beloved boutique on wheels. 

“It’s like you’re walking into a Tiffany-blue UPS truck,” says Joanna, who describes the shop as “girly with a touch of street style.” She chose a minimal décor approach in the hopes of inspiring curiosity. “I want people to be intrigued as they walk by and come up to ask what it is I’m selling.”