Simply Southern: On The Road

Simply Southern: On The Road
Although boutiques on wheels are becoming more commonplace, Joanna struggled in the beginning to explain her intentions for The Wandering Lilly. “It was hard describing my business to people, because they didn’t understand the concept,” she says. When applying for her business license, she resorted to printing photos of other fashion trucks she had seen on the Internet just so people could better understand her business model. 

Now, The Wandering Lilly has a consistently full schedule for whole months at a time. While she appreciates and enjoys all of her venues, Joanna admits that her favorite locale to date was Mobile Fashion Week. The truck was parked inside a glamorized warehouse, surrounded by professional models gracing the catwalk. “The entire atmosphere felt like I was in downtown New York City at an exclusive warehouse party,” she recalls.

But these glitzy moments are only a small perk of her traveling boutique—the biggest one, ultimately, is added time with her two small children. “They get to see me working, and I get to see them grow up,” she explains. She has managed to strike a rhythmic balance between motherhood and running a business, combining her passion for style with her desire to offer women a personalized shopping experience. And if her lovely truck does not lure you in to browse stylish and affordable fashions, Joanna’s contagious smile and gracious hospitality surely will.

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By Ashley Shaw
Photography by Caitlen Babb Photography

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