Snowflake Plate How-To

Use our step-by-step instructions to make your own version of the snowflake plates as seen in the “Let It Snow” tablescape in our November/December issue (Let It Snow, page 38):



clear glass salad plates
satin spray paint in 2 colors
clear satin spray paint
contact paper
snowflake hole punch
painter’s tape

1. Cut a 3-inch by 9-inch strip of contact paper.

2. Punch out snowflakes from contact paper in random order.

3. Remove backing from contact paper and position on back side of plate.

4. Block off the rest of the plate with painter’s tape, then spray paint with the color you have chosen for the snow- flakes—we used white. Let dry, and add two more coats, allowing each coat to dry completely.

5. Once the last coat has dried, remove the tape and contact paper, and spray paint the entire back side of plate in the background color. Our example is painted in champagne. Allow to dry.

6. Finish the back side of plate with several coats of clear satin spray paint. Be sure to use the satin finish paint—gloss paint will not stay.

Note: These plates are hand wash only.