Southern Hospitality Tips for Gracious Hosts and Guests

Outfitting a Guest Room

Southern hospitality in a bedroom with dark wood accents1. Layer the Bed Linens
Invest in several different pillows—some people prefer them flat and others puffy. Choose synthetic materials instead of down in case of allergies. Supply a couple good blankets or duvets (one light, one thicker), and dress the bed with the finest-quality sheets you can afford. Your guests may not remember the fine points of the room’s décor, but they’ll remember a good night’s sleep.

2. Put Out Fresh Flowers
Nothing says “welcome” like a pretty posy. It doesn’t have to be elaborate; even a single, stunning bloom in a bud vase does the trick. Or, go one better and arrange a hospitality tray: flowers plus a pitcher of tea or water and a dish or two of nibbles. If you know your guests have a particular local favorite—perhaps a sweet treat or a brand of cheese straws from your hometown—be sure to include it.

3. Incorporate a Comfortable Chair or Bench
Provide a versatile seat that guests can use to slip on their shoes or rest a spell. If you like, you can also include a folding luggage rack to make suitcase storage a snap.