Southern Hospitality Tips for Gracious Hosts and Guests

Southern hospitality in bedroom featuring a small antique bench4. Create a Place to House Clothing  
If guests are staying more than a day or two, they’ll appreciate having space to unpack. Clear one or two bureau drawers for their use, and be sure there’s a selection of clothes hangers in the closet or armoire. Decorative wall hooks or racks allow for hanging purses, belts, and hats neatly.

5. Stock the Nightstand with Niceties
Add a carafe; a pretty dish or valet tray to keep watches and jewelry; a reading lamp that casts gentle light; a place to charge electronics. If the room lacks a ceiling fan, a small tabletop fan can be a welcome touch, especially in the hot and humid summer months.

6. Make Essentials and Conveniences Easy to Find
Place bath towels on the bed so guests will not have to hunt for them in the linen closet. You might even include a small basket of travel-size toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste, hand cream, emery boards, and such.

7. Offer a Well-Chosen Selection of Reading
Almost everyone appreciates having a new novel or magazine to delve into at bedtime or during an afternoon lull. Choose a handful of books and publications that suit a variety of tastes, and display them on a shelf or between bookends on the dresser.