Southern Hospitality Tips for Gracious Hosts and Guests

Be a Model Guest

Southern hospitality in an all-white bedroom1. Prepare and Communicate in Advance
Be mindful of what you might do on the visit, and pack accordingly. If you’re not sure, ask your host before you go. It’s always better to be prepared. Also make your host aware of any needs you or your family might have, such as dietary preferences. Additionally, ensure they know when and how you will be arriving.

2. Always Bring a Gift 
Greet your host with a token of your gratitude, like a bottle of wine or a variety of teas. The expense of the gift is not important—making your hosts feel that you appreciate the time and effort they are putting forward is.

3. Be as Helpful as You Can
Your host will remember whether you ask if you can help with anything. Even if they say no, they will recall that you were kind enough to offer. We suggest cooking dinner or taking your hosts out to eat one night.