From the Southern Lady Staff: Our Personal China Patterns

The annual New Looks for Old China feature in the pages of Southern Lady is a favorite with our staff as well as our readers—and the most recent installment inspired us to open up our china cabinets and share our own patterns with you! From wedding china to family heirlooms and from refined to rustic, our individual picks are as different as we are, yet they all possess a sense of timeless elegance. Click through to see the patterns that have captured our hearts. 

Kate Spade Bonnabel Place china
Image courtesy of Replacements, Ltd.

When we were getting married, my husband and I chose Bonnabel Place by Kate Spade for our wedding china. I’ve always had a penchant for paisley motifs, and I liked that with the classic platinum-and-white framework, the china pattern feels a little bit traditional and a little bit fun—just like the two of us. Being very practically minded, my husband was at first a bit resistant to invest in something we would only use for special occasions, so I made him a promise we would truly use it. Since we love to cook and try new recipes, about once a month we plan an at-home date night to prepare a delicious meal and dine at a beautiful table set with our wedding china—a lovely reminder of the original promise we made. — Kathleen Whaley, editor

Wild Rose china
Images courtesy of Replacements, Ltd.

These two similar patterns, Wild Rose by Japan (bottom right) and Wild Rose by Winterling Bavaria (left and top right), mean a lot to me and will one day be mine. My grandmother secretly collected them for my mom for years and then gave them to her as a wedding present. Since then, I’ve added to them, gifting her pieces as I come across them. — Mona Moore, associate editor

Vietri Bellezza White china
Image courtesy of Vietri

While I don’t yet have any china of my own, I have a few in mind for the future, and my current favorite is the Vietri Bellezza White collection. I love its chic simplicity—it strikes the perfect balance between sophisticated and comfortable—and I love the rustic feel it gives off while retaining a clean look. To me, it seems like a classic yet stylish pattern that I wouldn’t tire of.  — Elizabeth Bonner, assistant editor

Lenox Solitaire china
Images courtesy of Replacements, Ltd.

My pattern is Solitaire by Lenox, the same as my mom’s. Continuing her pattern gives me a wonderful sense of family tradition. Even so, I like to mix things up—I also have a collection of vintage dishes that belonged to my grandmother, and I use those as often as my own (if not more!). — Tracy Wood-Franklin, art director

Spode Woodland china
Image courtesy of Replacements, Ltd.

I’ve always admired the Woodland by Spode collection my grandmother places on her dining room table for special occasions. The china’s rich, earthy colors and detailed illustrations of wildlife remind me of childhood afternoons spent exploring rural Alabama. — Grace Haynes, editorial assistant

Lenox Maywood Moonspun china
Images courtesy of Replacements, Ltd.

I love my parents’ wedding pattern, Moonspun by Lenox (top), but it was discontinued long before my husband and I got married. Knowing we’d someday inherit it, and pass both our new and heirloom china down through generations, we wanted a complementary style that wouldn’t compete with Moonspun’s subtle filigree design. Our Lenox Maywood china (bottom), classic ivory with a crisp platinum band, harmonizes beautifully. In the meantime, it’s nice to have a simple backdrop that we can dress up or down with colorful accent pieces. — Lisa Frederick, managing editor

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