Southern Spotlight: Sapelo Skin Care

Sapelo Skin Care
Courtesy of Sapelo Skin Care

Less than a decade ago, Stephanie Duttenhaver and Cindy Edwards of Savannah based Sapelo Skin Care found themselves face-to-face with a chemist assuring them that their budding business venture was futile. He told them it was simply too expensive to create the products they had in mind, but the duo was determined to develop age-reversing skin care products unlike anything else available at the time.

When the soon-to-be empty nesters first teamed up as board members of the Savannah Book Festival, they bonded quickly over two shared interests: volunteer work and skin care. Cindy and Stephanie wanted to find a gentle anti-aging regimen that differed from products and procedures saturating the marketplace, such as retinoids, lasers, and chemical peels. “All of these skin care strategies damage the skin, requiring your immune system, your own natural healing process, to come to the rescue and rejuvenate new skin collagen and elastin,” says Stephanie.

At that point, neither woman had an extensive scientific background, but both of their husbands are physicians who were eager to help. “We went back to the Southern philosophy that we are all taught to really care for the things we treasure,” says Cindy. “You would never use harsh abrasives on your silver or on your pearls; you gently take care of them to make them last and enhance their beauty. So why in the world would we do that to our complexions? It’s a good dose of Southern common sense that certainly got us started.”