Southern Spotlight: Sapelo Skin Care

Sapelo Skin Care
Photography by Stephanie Steele

For three years, the pair worked alongside their husbands, plus a cosmetic scientist and that same local chemist who had warned them of the cost, eventually finding the perfect combination of ingredients to mimic the body’s response to popular yet damage-causing techniques. Sapelo’s products contain a superior dose of powerful bioactive peptides and no fillers or parabens. Also, the addition of distinctly Southern-inspired ingredients like gardenia stem cells and magnolia oil pays homage to the founders’ heritage.

Derived from a state-protected barrier island off Georgia’s coast, the name of the business encapsulates Sapelo’s mission to challenge contradictory skin care dogmas: “Our regimen was inspired by [the island’s] beauty and by the ebb and flow of the twice-a-day tides that cleanse, bring nutrients, and restore the natural habitat of this unique part of the world,” says Stephanie.

Available across the country, Sapelo Skin Care currently offers creams, serums, cleansers, and masks, with several new products in the works. “Together we have created something that we are so proud of,” says Cindy. “It’s the truest sense of us showing [our children] what persistence is.” In addition to their tenacious hard work, plenty of laughter has infused their partnership. “This has been so much fun for us, and it’s great to realize that at this age and stage [of life] you can still learn new things,” Cindy says. “I feel like I’m on an incredible adventure.”

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