Southern Literary Outlooks: New Orleans

Plaque on Tennessee Williams’ apartment on Toulouse Street (left), Faulkner House Books (right)

With a joie de vivre unlike anywhere else, New Orleans casts a captivating spell that lures many to its fabled streets and alleyways. William Faulkner and Tennessee Williams are no exception. The Pirate’s Alley apartment where Faulkner wrote his first novel, Soldier’s Pay, is now an enchanting bookstore, Faulkner House Books, a small space with special titles, rare editions, and an ambience of literary history.  

Bronze statue of Ignatius J. Reilly, a character from a novel by author John Kennedy Toole (left), One of the many residences of William Faulkner (right)

Venturing Uptown, you’ll spot the residences of New Orleans native and vampire aficionado Anne Rice and the humble abode of author John Kennedy Toole, who was posthumously awarded the Pulitzer for his comical opus.