Special Message from Southern Lady Book Club’s Inaugural Author Donna Everhart and Giveaway

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Enjoy a special message and exclusive look at the cover art of Donna Everhart’s upcoming book, The Moonshiner’s Daughter. The best-selling author’s captivating book, The Road to Bittersweet, was the first Southern Lady Book Club selection in March/April 2018. Take a look at the newest literary endeavor by this inspiring writer, and don’t forget enter the exclusive book giveaway.

 Book Club Giveaway Donna EverhartI am truly thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce to you my fourth novel, The Moonshiner’s Daughter. Set in 1960, in Wilkes County, North Carolina, once known as the “moonshine capital of the world,” and the birthplace of NASCAR, it’s the story of a young woman determined to change her family’s past.

Once I complete a manuscript and turn it in to my editor, one of the most exciting steps in the process of those pages becoming a real book is seeing the cover for the first time. The graphic artist at Kensington Publishing skillfully chooses evocative and enticing photos that showcase my stories beautifully. The rustic still life photo art chosen for the cover of The Moonshiner’s Daughter accurately depicts the sense of another time and place, and at a glance, a reader is given hints as to the context of the story.

I’m always proud to see my books displayed on bookstore shelves, and even more so when they compel a reader to pick them up. I hope you love the cover for The Moonshiner’s Daughter as much as I do, and I hope it entices you to read the story within.

Thank you, Southern Lady magazine, for sharing the lovely cover art of The Moonshiner’s Daughter with your readers for a first look!

Book Club Giveaway

The Moonshiner’s Daughter comes out December 31st, but you can make sure you’re one of the first to receive a copy by preordering it now! If you do, be sure to visit sites.kensingtonbooks.com/MoonshinersDaughter to register your preorder and be entered to win a beautiful leather journal.

Visit Donna Everhart online at the following links below:
Website: www.DonnaEverhart.com
Twitter: twitter.com/wordstogobuy
Facebook: Facebook.com/DonnaDavisEverhart