Styled with Purpose: Urban Southern

Urban Southern
Regina Bauman, owner and designer of Urban Southern, pictured with the Market Tote

By Ashley Shaw • Photography by Nancy Center Photography

While fashion trends come and go as fleetingly as winter in the South, there are some accessories that remain steadfast in every woman’s wardrobe: a strand of pearls, a flattering black dress, a crisp white blouse, and a leather handbag. Recognizing this abiding niche, Regina Bauman, owner and designer of Urban Southern, sought to make her mark with accessories that would showcase the timeless beauty and versatility of naturally tanned cowhide. With the encouragement and expertise of her husband, a third-generation leather craftsman, Regina’s vision not only for a collection of everyday style essentials, but also for a lifestyle brand with a unifying message, began to take shape.

As Urban Southern attracted growing support, Regina recruited her cousin and best friend, Meg Delagrange, to help her articulate the company’s mantra: “Urban Southern is for everyone.” Intrigued by the clean lines and elegant restraint of her designs, customers expressed their desire for a bag that would complement all facets of their day-today routine. It was this idea that inspired Regina and Meg to parlay their products into a sense of community for women from all walks of life. “To me, the everyday woman can really be anybody,” says Regina, “no matter what her everyday looks like: a career woman, a stay-at-home mom, a single woman, or an older woman with grown children.”