Tablescapes Inspired by the Sea

A picture of table settings inspired by the sea

The South’s midsummer heat waves call for tributes to the cool, refreshing waves of the ocean. Set your summer table with these ideas that keep the sea and its sandy shore in mind. Whether you’re entertaining while vacationing at the beach or simply want to transport guests to a coastal escape, these tips will bring a delightful ocean breeze to your tableau.

A picture of a table setting inspired by the sea

A tablecloth in sandy shades sets the tone for brilliant Jars dinnerware in sea-inspired hues. Carefully selected accessories are reminiscent of the spoils of beachcombing. Wooden flatware mimics the look of natural driftwood scattered along the shoreline, and frosted tumblers take on the jewellike character of sea glass. An assortment of scavenged shells function as both table runner and vase filler, and arrangements of tall grasses wave gently in the salty air. These landscape grasses, available at most florists, create the look of lovely coastal flora without harming native sea oats, a protected plant and valuable resource for our beloved beaches.

A picture of pillows on a bench on the beach and a picture of a hammock and pillows on the beach
Poufs and pillows add a bit of luxury and comfort to the tableau, while a nearby hammock provides the perfect place for a postpicnic siesta in the sun.

A picture of a table setting inspired by the sea on the beach

The refreshing blue tints and sandy tones of this tablescape instantly transport you to the seashore. Recycled glass bottles 
and jars given a dusting
 of frosting spray mimic the translucent glow of sea glass, the inspiration for the table. Simple florals complement the sandy neutrals of the coastal setting, allowing the vibrant turquoise Seagate dinnerware to take center stage.

A picture of blue and green cups inspired by the sea and a picture of blue and white plates inspired by the sea
The pattern of the Celebrity Swirl tumblers is reminiscent of the constant movement of the ocean, while the frosted finish of the Riverside Designs Seaglass plates is a perfect match for its beach-find namesake.