The Art of Being a Gracious Host and Guest

4. Give Your Hosts Space and Privacy
If your trip extends beyond a couple days, make time for yourself, allowing your hosts to do the same. Take a walk around the neighborhood, or find a spot to read a book. This will give you host personal time to keep up with daily chores and routine activities. With this said, be careful not to overstay your welcome.

5. Be Intentional with Quality Time 
Use your visit to connect or reconnect with your loved ones, get to know friends better, and make new memories. To accomplish this, be conscious of distracting phone and computer use. Stay in touch with the outside world but remain conscious of why you are on a trip.

6. Follow Up with a Thank-You Note
Today it is common for people to send texts and emails in lieu of physical mail. However, we suggest taking the time to write a handwritten note to send through the postal service. This old-fashioned effort will make your host feel extremely special and convey your gratitude. Feel free to add a personal gift to accompany your note.

Text by Lisa Frederick and Elizabeth Bonner Czapski 
Photography by John O’Hagan and Marcy Black Simpson

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