The Bauble Stockings Story

The Bauble Stockings Story and an Exclusive GiveawayIt wasn’t until her husband proposed in December 2011 that Kate Stewart realized the holiday pastime she cherished most was exclusive to her family. Throughout her childhood, Kate’s father had tucked a teeny token for her mother into a miniature needlepoint stocking that hung from their Christmas tree, deeming it her bauble stocking. When Kate’s friends were baffled by the concept, and they couldn’t find a trace of the tradition anywhere else, she founded Bauble Stockings to share the heartfelt custom.

Since her mother had hand-stitched the original stocking, it was essential that each design in the collection invoke a similar sense of nostalgia. The initial challenge lay in production, and it took Kate and her husband, Peter, years of research and globe-trotting to connect with a group of more than 400 Haitian needlework artisans through Good Threads Needlepoint who could fabricate Bauble Stockings on a large scale at a fair wage.