The Fanciful Treats of Maggie Louise Confections

Photography by Jim Bathie. Styling by Courtni Bodiford.

Maggie had her “fancy chocolate aha moment,” as she calls it, after enrolling at Le Cordon Bleu, where she developed a fascination in experimenting with a broad spectrum of shapes and shades. “Fine chocolate is a delicacy, and it is also a sculptural medium,” Maggie says. “It can be shaped, molded, and colored without changing the integrity of the chocolate itself—a world of possibilities.”

Now with a charming boutique on Austin’s East 6th Street and a thriving online business, as well as products sold in stores like Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom, her company offers an expansive rotation of themed collections filled with chocolates that double as works of art. “I looked at the marketplace and discovered that most premium boxed chocolates looked the same and had a very dated style,” she says. “I knew I was on to something with my colorful, fun designs.”

Her handcrafted gourmet treats have become known for their elevated yet classic flavors and anything-but-ordinary looks. Imaginative silhouettes with striking detail come alive in bold hues with themes that span seasons, holidays, hobbies, and more. “We like to begin with a story,” Maggie says of the design process. “If you are celebrating fall, this may be a story about changing leaves, crisp autumn days, and apple pie. If we want to capture a fashion moment, it may be a collection of lipsticks, lips, high heels, and handbags.”