The Fanciful Treats of Maggie Louise Confections

Photography by Jim Bathie. Styling by Courtni Bodiford.

The company’s best seller remains a simple set of three sleek milk chocolate lipsticks, but more intricate collections center around a trip to the beauty counter, brunch with loved ones, and an afternoon in the garden—all made with nostalgic flavors like peanut butter candy and salted caramel. Many boxes include one piece that bears a message to suit the occasion, making for a sweet complement to thank you notes and other tokens of appreciation.

A variety of collections are dedicated to iconic cities as well as numerous tributes to the Lone Star State—such as Texas Y’all and Keep Austin Sweet—complete with shapes like cowboy boots, cactus flowers, and tacos. Each individual chocolate is hand-painted in Austin, and Maggie is proud of the roots that initially served as her muse. “It was a long journey to get here,” says the entrepreneur, who moved several times between the East and West Coasts before settling in the South, “but Austin is our forever home. My work is absolutely influenced by the Southern emphasis on quality, kindness, and indulgence.”

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