Throw a Bird-Themed Birthday Party

Friends will flock to celebrate another year of blessings with a bird-themed birthday party that simply soars with avian charm.

As time goes by, birthdays become less about the number of years we’ve marked and more about measuring the love and joy that abounds in our lives. Whether it’s the first smile from a dimple-cheeked daughter, a hand squeeze from a devoted husband, or the giggle of a cherished grandchild, these are the things that keep our hearts young regardless of what the calendar might show. With that thought in mind, plan a party that is certain to make the birthday girl’s spirit flit and float like a sparrow in flight—no matter her age.

Bird Party Opener

Take a few cues from those sweet-tweeting friends, and throw a lighthearted shindig that boasts a decidedly Southern take on the winged theme. A collection of birdie abodes, from painted houses to woven twig nests, creates a whimsical air across the tabletop, and glittery faux eggs add to the fanciful scene. Let the fabulous floral offerings of the season inspire a brilliant color scheme. Shades of mulberry, rose, and coral—found in both the floral displays and patterned linens—really pop when paired with a crisp white tablecloth and pearly plates. For truly feminine touches, choose pretty flower-motif stemware, and wrap silky ribbons around chair backs.

Napkins and Glassware

From vibrant fuchsia to bright tangerine to lime green, the happy hues of springtime enliven this outdoor setting. Anchor the table with one extravagant centerpiece, then give each guest a mini arrangement to call her own.

Bird Party Tablescape Touches