Throw a Summery Rainbow Party

Photo of a rainbow birthday party

As children, we often wondered what lay at the end of the rainbow. Surely it would be magical. For the next brilliant birthday bash you host, let that lovely arch of colors be your guide and create a rainbow party. Turn a buffet table into party central by adding a handmade ruffled cloth and bunches of balloons in happy hues. Then assemble a appetite-pleasing palette with fresh fruits for all to enjoy. From napkins and plates to utensils and straws, each celebration necessity can also add a splash of color.

Photo of an art station at a birthday party

An art station with paint—for brushes and fingers—allows pint-size Picassos to make mini masterpieces, and aprons with iron-on emblems protect party clothes without hindering artistic expression. When the fun is done, present a pot of gold that contains coins of the chocolate variety—a sweet reminder that there’s truly treasure at rainbow’s end.

Food and cupcakes at a rainbow birthday party
From fruits and veggies to cakes and cookies, select foods for both appearance and flavor. Serve in a variety of white trays and bowls, and arrange artistically—perhaps by order of colors in the rainbow.
Photo of a child with a cupcake and table at a rainbow birthday party
Take the time to celebrate all things bright and beautiful.